Friday, November 2, 2012

Friiiii daaaayyyyy

And, then suddenly it's Friday.
What happened?
I spent last night swapping out my house decor from jack-o-lanterns to pilgrims.
Because apparently it's also already November.
And, three weeks from today Thanksgiving will be over. And I'll be putting up my tree.
She flies.
I also took Coop to basketball practice.
And killed my two hour wait at my the most wonderful place in the world.
I saw a man doing some serious shopping in the women's skinny jean section.
That's just wrong.
Jordan went to the Justin Beiber concert.  Or is it Justin Bieber?  I'm not sure.
One thing I'm sure about is that I didn't attend with her.
Which is ok with me.
Because my ears are still ringing from the 2010 concert.
She's on a youth retreat this weekend.
And the Captain is up in a tree hunting.
So it's me and the Coopster.
With a lot of plans for a lot of nothing.
 I'm desperate for a Hog win,
Some sleep,
And empty laundry baskets.
Happy weekend people.

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JuJu said...

I am now in full panic mode after reading about your Christmas tree. EEks!

Enjoy your weekend with C Man.

Colleen said...

One of my friends has all her gifts purchased and wrapped already! I don't know if its it me or the fact that I face the holidays every single day in the store but I cannot even think about Christmas at home until December when I start the great cookie bake-athon.