Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Coop had a little music program last night.
We were entertained.
Jordan and I were also entertained by the man who was sitting behind us.
We could hear his conversation before the program started.
He had lots to say.
He has had some digestive problems.
And the doctor wants him to eat broccoli.
And kale.
Says those will be good for him.
And juice, too. 
Doctor said that would be good for him, too.
They are also keeping an eye his prostate.
He has to go back in May for another test.
He's worried about Mama Dean.
He had to take her to the doctor.
Her toenails had grown so long they grew down into her toes.
She couldn't walk.
And, her legs were all swollen up.
She's on some strong medicine.
Strong, strong medicine.
Somebody else has stitches.
But they ruptured.
All the stitches.
Then, the program started.
When every song started, he would say, "A-right!"
And then at the end "BRAVA! BRAVA!"
It was also very evident that the man wasn't kidding when he said he has been having some digestive problems.
Excuse you, sir.
Please don't poot 17 times during the chorus program.
So, Mr. Man was pooting.
And talking about his prostate.
And kale.
And I was enjoying my baby sing Down by the Riverside.
The end.

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JuJu said...

All I can say is DANG, poor Mama Dean.

And poor Angie and Jordan.

I bet Cooper would have enjoyed all that pooting.