Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Phelps is Phabulous

Another amazing night of swimming by Michael Phelps. Did you watch it? He won his 10th & 11th gold medals last night making him the greatest athlete in Olympic history. Ever. He's the Golden Boy. This is a good article that sums it up. Says he got a text from a friend before his meet that said "Time to be the best ever." Kind of gives me chills to read that. He still set a world record even though his goggles were full of water. I heard Bob Costas say last night something like, "It's so easy for him; he can even do it with his eyes closed." He's just awesome. Even Kobe Bryant and LeBron James went to see him swim. Want to see a Phelps tracker? This neato little chart compares Phelps to Mark Spitz.

Our other gold turned to silver. The poor women's gymnastics team....that was quite sad. And my heart was breaking for the girl that fell off the beam and then later fell right on her hiney. There was some talk about the Chinese team being underage. Apparently China has provided proof that their girls are all at least 16. But did you notice one of the girls was missing a tooth? Sixteen??? Ummmmm, not.

I am LOVING watching the Olympics, but man oh man is it ever messing with my sleep. I do *not* stay up this late. Even on the weekends. And these 11:00pm and 11:30pm bedtimes are not working with my 4:00am alarm clock...It's killing me. But it is my patriotic duty to stay up and root for the good ol' U. S. of A. I did consider sleeping in this morning, but got up before I could totally convince myself. A little pilates for me. (I have really grown to love this pilates stuff.) Off day for the pushups.

My sincerest blogger apologies for not updating you people yesterday about Cooper and The Belt Situation. I know there were hundreds of you who stayed up even later than the end of the televised Olympics just refreshing your browser over and over in hopes that I would post an update on his day. So sorry to leave you hanging. He had a very successful day and was a frequent visitor to the bathroom. I did find 2 new, hopefully easier to operate, belts. So, it appears that we are closing the chapter of The Belt Situation.

I asked him last night to tell me one neato thing that happened at school. Funny how I received the exact answer I got on Monday. "Recess was awesome." Jordan just "loves 6th grade so much" and has begun every sentence with "Guess what?!"

Isn't this little guy cute?! I don't need to remind you how much I love those Google Guys.

The kids put up their little tent the other day to watch movies and hang out. The Bloggie Doggie loved it!! Do you know why? Because it's a PUP tent!!! It appears that he has claimed it as his own...

Enjoy this less than 90 degrees day people. It looks like it's gonna' be a nice one.

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KookieKnows said...

I so enjoy your blog. It is always a great start to my morning. I am not much of a sports fan but I am so glad I have you as my own personal reporter especially for the Olympics. I agree Michael Phelps is awesome. I am glad the kids are loving school. Noah started HIGH SCHOOL, very scary to me. I really admire all your workouts. Someday maybe you can come over and teach me how to do all the cool things you do on your blog. Have a great day.

Your fellow rambler.

Leah Ann Kelley

Angie said...

Thanks Leah Ann! I've been following your blog too. Writing is very cathartic isn't it? Can't believe Noah is even old enough to be in high school. I'm very self-taught on the blog and just fiddle around with it until I find something that I like. Thanks for the comment. Hope today is a good one for you.