Monday, October 13, 2008

Back to Reality

Hello People! We are back from a wonderful week at Disney. It was such fun. We are all exhausted - it really is a physically exhausting trip. But also a great mental break - there is NO reality there. No days, no time (unless you want to know what time the parade is....). It's just a nice break from reality.

We really had a ball. (Or, as my Daddy would say, "A large time!") We rode rides, and ate, and watched shows, and ate, and enjoyed fireworks, and ate. Oh, and we ate.

Crowds were light. Humidity was high. It rained some every day. But in Disney rain=no lines. So the kids were able to ride, hop off and hop right back on. One ride, they didn't even have to get off. They just stayed on and rode it five more times.

Jordan, Nephew T. and Niece M. rode all the big rollercoasters 5-10 times each. They loved it! Cooper did all the rides except the Rock N Roller Coaster (goes upside down) and Expetition Everest (goes backwards). And I'm proud to say that I rode the Rock N Roller Coaster twice and Expedition Everest once. Cooper and I really broke out of our chicken shells on this trip.

I'll share lots more info on our trip later...and post some pictures too. Kids still out of school today. The Captain and I are back to work. YUK.

The Bloggie Doggie is glad to be home after his week at doggie camp. He is also wiped out from his trip. See?

Happy 50th Birthday to Paddington Bear. I love that little guy.

Song of the day -
Back to life, back to reality
Back to life, back to reality
Back to the here and now
Back to life, back to the present time
Back from a fantasy
~En Vogue "Back to Life"

I missed you people! Have a great Monday. I'm going to find a parade....

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KookieKnows said...

Dear Angie,

I'm glad to hear your back -safe and sound. Walt Disney World is one of my favorite places so I know ya'll had a great but exhausting time.

Life was kinda of dull without your blog to turn to for all the best sports news and trivia. :)

Get some rest and tell the Captain I feel the streets of Germantown are safer now that he is back in town. :)


Leah Ann

Angie said...

Thanks for the message!

Re-entry into reality is B-A-D!!!

But my own bed is NICE!