Friday, October 3, 2008

Finally (Flashback) Friday

I am happy to report that the Captain is back among the living. He was already getting out of bed and moving about yesterday morning, but then had a "law enforcement emergency" that required him to head out the door pretty quickly. So, he had to get well, whether he wanted to or not. Welcome back Captain! We missed you.

We're trying to get it all together today for our vaca. So. Much. To. Do. I am trying to be a wise and minimal packer. It's a little different than when we take a road trip where I can just keep packing until we run out of space in the truck. Minimal here people. We have a very early flight in the morning, so I hope to get it all finished today so we can get a decent night's sleep. Could be challenging because everybody is very excited about our trip to Disney. The weather is supposed to be nice, quite warm actually, with highs in the upper 80s. Mickey, here we come!

Check out this cutie Flashback Friday picture. Isn't he cute?!
I won't be blogging all week - I know you will all miss Me and My Good Life terribly. But hang in there people. It's only a week. I'll be back.

Bye people!!! Muuuuaaaah!

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MOM said...

The rescue bill passed. In response to what you said yesterday that you didn't know the difference between - Paulson (secretery of the treasury, and Bernake - the chairman of the Federal Reserve and Chris Cox head of SEC. they are saying this is the biggest thing that this country has done since the similiar one during the Great Depression. Also, they were saying to explain to your children what is happening as it is a momumental occasion for the history of this country, that they have lived through and will be something to know about as they age.