Thursday, December 11, 2008

He's coming when?!?

After we painted the kitchen, I decided that I also wanted the den painted. And the foyer. And the dining room. And the hallway. And while we were at it, our bedroom and bathroom too. Oh and the kids' bathroom.

I was actually going to tackle the kids' bathroom myself. It seemed like an easy task - it's not a large bathroom at all. But we decided that the den, etc. would just be too large a job for us to do ourselves. It's not that the room is HUGE, it's just lots of tall walls.

So the Captain got a guy to come give us a quote yesterday on getting all the rest of it painted. To be honest, I had no idea what it would cost to get this done. We thought it would be best to get it broken down by rooms, in case the entire painting project just didn't fit the pocketbook. We were completely stunned when he gave us a quote on the whole job for about half of what I thought it might be.

I was even more stunned when he said he could start this Saturday. As in the Day. After. Tomorrow. I had pined a little about having the den painted before Christmas, but then after we put up the tree and all the rest of the stuff, and then when time kind of marched on, I kind of gave up on that pipe dream and we just decided after the first of the year would be just fine. But now the good news is that he will start Saturday and finish up early next week. Probably only two days. TWO DAYS! And it will be completely done before the holiday. And even before we are all out of work and school hanging around at home getting ready to enjoy the holiday.

HOORAY! Glad tidings and good news!!!

Tell him to come on. I'm ready!

What? He needs paint? I have to pick out paint? Oh no. Can I take on this daunting challenge again? Sure I can. I just want a light paper bag brown in the den, a darker chocolate brown in the kids' bathroom, and a Iamnotsurebutmaybegoldish color in our bedroom. Shouldn't be hard right? Wrong. Remember how long it took me to pick out the green for the kitchen? That selection process was more complicated than the BCS bowl games. It included three trips to the paint stores. No less than thirty chips taped on the walls. And several hours days of complete angst. That can't happen again. I have too many other things to do during this bustling holiday season. I have today's lunch hour to pick out this paint. Well, at least to get a few color choices and bring home for the Captain's approval. Connie My vice president in charge of assistance and color selection is going to meet me at Lowe's today. She will keep me sane. Or attempt to.

So, here we go again.

But hey - this time next week, my house will be painted! I'm stoked. Merry Christmas to me. (Literally. That's my present.)

So grab your dropcloth and stay tuned people.

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