Friday, September 18, 2009

This post just a bunch of stuff with no real theme or title

It is Friday and we have survived another week. If you have the strength, give yourselves a round of applause. By the end of the week, the pace of all the nuttiness catches up with me and I am just so stinking tired.....

Random thoughts for you today. I know you love that.

It has rained all week. Seriously. Every day. We have had almost 4" so far just this week. And it's not over. It has rained so much this week, I feel compelled to rerun a post I wrote back in May. It was when I helped the Weatherman with his forecast. Maybe it will be helpful to him again today. Cause it is still raining. Still. Raining. Quack.

At Chili's last night, Cooper may or may not have said after dinner, "I am sooooo full. See?" and then proceeded to lift his shirt over his head to show us his protruding belly. Yes, I really do teach my kids manners. But apparently they just don't always stick.

Jordan's volleyball team was handed their first loss last night. And it was a tough one. For various reasons, they played an older team. Most of the girls were 8th graders, which meant they were at least 1-2 years older than our girls. However, from the looks of some of them, they must have been held back or this school redshirts their volleyball players, because they really appeared to be significantly older. Seriously. I was having flashbacks of the 2008 Summer Olympics and the Chinese gymnastics team. Anyhoo, our girls held their own and gave this team all they could handle. But in the end, we lost Game 3 by 5 points. It was a tough loss. There were some tears. Because when you are 12 years old and you have not lost a game this year and then you play these 16 year olds who are being portrayed as 13 year olds, you really don't understand the value of playing up, of being challenged and of pushing some limits. I am certain there is a blog post there full of deep thoughts and symbolism. But I can't make that happen today. Maybe another day.

This weekend brings....
Jordan heading out of town for a youth group retreat.
My Mother-in-Law staying with us a day or so as she recovers from some oral surgery.
Me trying to pull together a Charlie Brown costume for Jordan for homecoming activities next week.
Cooper's soccer game - unless they are going to use the flooded field to build an ark.
Cooper working on a report about chimpanzees.
More rain.
More laundry.
College football. Ahhhh the silver lining.....
(I know you are so jealous of my glamorous life.)

Have a good one people.

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beckyjomama said...

We have had a lovely week weatherwise ... which I have spent doing as little as earthly possible so as not to dirupt the waters within my aching ears.

And, today - when we HAVE to be outside this evening - it is cloudy and cold.


Kearsie said...

This is ALMOST like Keyboard Confessions. *feeling influential*

JuJu said...

I feel a blog coming about the report on chimpanzees...

Get some rest gal!