Saturday, January 9, 2010

Do I really say these things?

It was the first full week of the year on Twitter. And man, it was exciting.

What? You don't follow me on Twitter? That should have been a resolution or something.

Never fear. Just read on for the highlight reel....

(Seriously, when I re-read these Tweets, it reaffirms my need for meds....)

~ ~ ~

Son talking about something he did a few days ago: "It was way back in 2009."

Hi. My name is @angie128. And I have been awake since 3:30 am.

I swear I just heard somebody page "Dr. Crockpot" overhead. If so, I'm grabbing a roast and some potatoes and am going to meet him.

It's warmed up to a balmy 19 degrees!

My chill bumps have chill bumps



Must have read national weather map color key thing wrong. It shows that we are under a high surf advisory.

If it doesn't snow tonight, I'm going to have to call in "devastated" tomorrow.

Son just told me to "please close his door a little wider".

There. Is. No. Snow.

Oh. My. Goodness. @JimCantore is reporting live from right here in Memphis!! I heart him. And I feel warmer already.

Me and @bingmama are thinking about going to stalk @JimCantore today. #celebritycrush

Hi, I'm @angie128 and I'm a WordsWithFriendsaholic.

Wish Keith Jackson was calling the game instead of tossing the coin.

I think I would get very claustrophobic if I had to wear a football helmet. And those pants wouldn't do much for me either.

My feet are cold.

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