Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New things

So I'm getting a new boss. It's one of my peers. I have no problems with him or anything. But just wondering how that works. One of my equals is now my boss. I think I'd rather have this "promote from within" situation rather than a total outsider being brought in.

I've had new bosses, but only when I've been the one with the new job. I've never had a new boss "mid-job".

This guy has seen me at my total worse anyway. He was my marathon coach. So there were plenty of times he saw me when I was... less than attractive and pleasant. (And yes, at mile 21 of the marathon I called him an idiot. Hope that doesn't come back to haunt me in my next review.)

Some things will be the same but some things will be different. There will be some changes. Big and small. Change is hard.

Speaking of change, my 96 year old great aunt (the one who has lived alone for 40+ years in the same house for 60+ years) was moved to a nursing home yesterday. And I would be less than honest if I didn't tell you that in the last week, I have experienced every single emotion known to the human race. And all of that, my bloggie friends, is exhausting. And "old" is sad. It's hard to see somebody who is in the sunset of their life. Her dementia runs very high. However, during one of her more lucid moments over the weekend, she was given a little demonstration on the fine art of texting from Connie. She was amazed.

Oh - and I need a haircut so bad I could just cry. But if I cry over one more thing this week the Captain will probably leave me.

Have a good day people. Make the most of it.

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JuJu said...

Oh, I am sorry, I know seeing your aunt like this must be so sad.

Change does just suck; even when it's good change.

Sending warm thoughts your way!!

w said...

why aren't you the boss? i'd make an uproar. yes. because think about it. if you were boss, you could be on twitter all day.

yeah. nevermind. i guess it doesn't matter if you're the boss or not.