Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Take Five

Five shows I used to watch growing up

Happy Days
First show of the afternoon. It came on at 3:30 right when we got home from school. And yes, I had a crush on Potsie.

Brady Bunch
Oh how I wanted to live in the Brady house. The girls' room. That family room. Mike's den. Wow. And Marcia's clothes. The bomb. And I've never figured out why all six kids had to share one bathroom.

Charlie's Angels
OK what girl didn't want to grow up to be an Angel? And Farrah's hair. I longed for the perfect feathers. Be still my hot rolling heart. I blogged about the show awhile back. Wanna' read it again?

Land of the Lost
Remember this one? Marshall, Will and Holly...on a routine expedition... Sing along people.

Little House on the Prarie
What a good show. Except I always wanted to smack that Nellie Olesen.

7 Wanna' ramble too?:

connie said...

I liked Laverne and Shirley too...right after Happy Days...wonder why nobody uses "Sit on it!" as a slam anymore?!! hahah!

JuJu said...

I used to have a crush on Potsie as well. Remember the episode where Joanie did as well, and he was real nice to her? Awwwww.

I'm a few years older than you, I watched it in prime time. :-) I also loved the Carol Burnett Show, the Mary Tyler Moore Show, All in the Family and Bob Newhart.

Kearsie said...

Oh man, many a summer day was spent watching reruns of Charlie's Angels.

beckyjomama said...

me too - on all of it. Cept you forgot Laverne & Shirley.

angie128 said...

Schmiel Schmazel

KaseysKrazyMommy said...

I remember watching Batman after school... and Leave it to Beaver. I also longed to live in the Brady house... remember when Marcia and Greg fought over who got to move in to the attic?

Anonymous said...

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