Thursday, February 25, 2010

Take Five

Seeing Eric Heiden during these Olympics has reminded me of my teen crushes.

Here are five celeb crushes I had as a teen....

Shawn Cassidy

Donny Osmond

Parker Stevenson

George Brett

Eric Heiden

How about you? Whose posters graced the walls of your bedroom when you were a teen?

6 Wanna' ramble too?:

w said...

i have no idea who any of those people are. except for maybe three.

when do they olympics end?

JuJu said...

Oh man, I used to love Parker Stevenson too! He was the "smart" Hardy Boy.

As far as posters, I always had a Micahel Jackson one hanging on my wall. :-)

I, too, loved George Brett, even if he was a KC Royal. (I'm a Cardinal fan!)

angie128 said...

W - I am apparently significantly older than you. And you'll be glad to know that the Olympics end on Sunday.

JuJu - Agreed about the Smarty Hardy.

Kearsie said...

I had a bil ole crush on Rob Lowe. And then Jordan Knight.

And now, Tom Welling.

Susan said...

Bobby Sherman (but I was REALLY young then)
DAVID Cassidy
And Tom Selleck (the one where he is hold a volleyball...sigh)

Clueless_Mama said...

Gosh, I am trying to remember who I crushed on. I know one was Ricky Schroeder. I don't know if I liked him or that cool train he had in the house on Silver Spoons:) Oh and of course Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell. LOL