Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where's the remote?

The Bloggie Doggie likes to lay on our bed and watch TV during the day while we are away at work and school.

We leave the TV on for him.

Because we're just like that. Don't judge.

The Captain insists he wants to watch duck hunting shows on the Outdoor Channel.

I usually leave it on a Law & Order marathon.

The kids opt for some sort of Disney Channel show for his viewing pleasure.

Last night I told the Captain that the Bloggie Doggie wanted to watch the Olympics during the day.

My suggestion was met with a slight "hummmph".

Captain: "These are not the doggie Olympics."

Me: "But he likes to watch hockey, and curling, and the moguls!!"

Captain: "Hummph."

Me: "He can watch those hunting shows any time. These are the Olympics!! They only come around once every 28 years!!"

Captain: "Ummm it's every 4 years."

Me: "Not in dog years. He's been waiting 28 years for the Olympics to roll around again."

Captain: "Hummmph."

3 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

Does he have a favorite event?

angie128 said...

He is fond of women's curling and the luge.

w said...

you told him with your fancy multiplication of dog years.

also. i'm sure he'd rather watch sesame street and imagine himself tearing the fluff out elmo.