Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Three days. Ninety kids.

Everything I learned on my trip to St. Louis with the 7th grade class....

St. Louis is a neat city.

The City Museum totally rocks.

Yes, I went down the 7 story slide.

And yes, I screamed the entire way down.

Teenagers talk a lot.

They talk and never stop.


Teenagers take lots of pictures.

The penguins at the St. Louis Zoo were my favorite.

It's an amazing exhibit.

Teenagers take pictures of allllll the animals at the zoo.

And a group of four girls wants to have their pictures made together as a group in front of allllll the animals at the zoo.

With each of their four cameras.

Cheese! Cheese! Cheese! Cheese!

Three days on a charter bus makes my back hurt.

Two nights in a hotel bed makes my back hurt more.

I loved the St. Louis Arch.

Yes, I went to the top.

Teenagers talk a lot.

Oh - I've already said that?

Well, they talk enough that it is worthy of being said again.

Three of the craziest things I saw on the bus that the kids brought:

A bottle of Elmer's glue,

A roll of duct tape,

Last year's year book.

And yes, the chaperone of the kid with the glue was informed of our discovery.

The girl with the duct tape was a bit more trustworthy.

Have I mentioned that 90 teenagers talk a lot?

Connie and I were roomies.

It was fun.

It was just like the old days.

Except we didn't wear each others clothes.

We just shared eye wrinkle cream.

Times have changed people.

The trip was great.

And loud.

But very fun.

St. Louis is a neat city.

And I'm very glad to be home.

With the Captain.

And my kid who has a glued up head.

And the Bloggie Doggie.

The End.

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w said...

that sounds like fun! we should do it as a "girls' trip". yes. i bet we could out talk the teenagers.

JuJu said...

Oh, I do not envy you the 90 teenagers.
But, I do envy you the trip to StL. I'm so glad you did the slide at the City Museum. We are now soul sisters of another dimension.
Enjoy your own bed!!

Kearsie said...

Oh man, I once went to a girls weekend out with a group of my friends from college and we talked the ENTIRE NIGHT. I finally cut out so I could get two hours sleep because I was driving me and three other girls for 8 hours and didn't want to kill us.

Fun times.

This has nothing to do with your story, though.

angie128 said...

A bloggie girls weekend would be fun.

And if WE talked the entire time, that would be different.

connie said...

well, because, like, the stuff WE would talk about would, like, be, like IMPORTANT and all....