Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday blah blah blah

Random thoughts for you on this lovely Friday.

Jordan's volleyball team was nominated for best fall sports team. That is kind of exciting. They didn't win, but just to be recognized for their good year was a nice treat for those gals. Nice for us back-breaking, bleacher-sitting, bootie-hurting parents to hear about this.

In other news, it is supposed to rain this weekend. And apparently rain A LOT. Like 29" or something absurd like that. Fine with me. I don't mind staying in my house all weekend. Because I have The Sickness you know. The one where you never come out of your house. What's that called? Neverleaveyourhouseaphobia? I have it. It is flaring up bad right now. So a weekend locked in my house is good for The Sickness. Or maybe it's bad for The Sickness. I can't decide.

Cooper has a baseball game tomorrow. I was just certain it would be rained out since we are supposed to be getting 47" of rain. But they have moved it to the gym. Yes, a boys baseball game. In the gym. In the thunderstorms. Blah.

There is a dove that has taken up residence in the recently vacated robin's nest on my porch. The three baby robins flew the coop last weekend. Mama dove appears to have done a bit of remodeling by adding some additional twigs on top. And there she sits. We usually have a bird build a nest up there every spring. It's the perfect spot actually. It's very sheltered. I become totally obsessed with watching the mama birds sit there. I look out the window at them every time I walk by my front door. And I may or may not talk to them. "Hello Mama Birdie. How are you today?" . And I'll wait for the little baby birds to stick their little heads up. And watch Mama feed them. Then watch them get bigger and fly away. And then get all sad because I am experiencing the empty nester thing. Literally. I drive everybody crazy because I'm always hollering for them to come look! come look!

Seriously people....I have issues.

My Mother-in-Law is having her appendix removed today. Because if your appendix ruptures in January and you wait 9 days to go to the hospital, then you have to be in the hospital 2 weeks on IV Rx and then go home to be on Rx for 3 weeks, and then you get lots of less than fun testing on your abdomen area, THEN you get to have what's left of your appendix removed. Four months later. I hope there are still some internal organs left in there that didn't erode from infection. And I reeeealy hope they can do the surgery without cutting her open like a big catfish filet.

This post is all over the place. But so is my brain.

Gotta' go wake my kids up for school. And check on my Mama Bird.

Grab your rainboots people and have a good weekend.

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JuJu said...

I totally have that same disease. And, right now, the only way I want to talk to people is through blog land. :-)

I hope your MIL has a nice easy surgery and that you don't float away this weekend Noah.

Kearsie said...

I love that Sickness. Sadly, I have to troll the Walmarts for food for my barren cupboards and fridge. Who knew kids eat so much?

Anonymous said...

your little bird vignette reminded me of one of my favorite Andy of Mayberry episodes...the one where Opie adopts 3 fledglings after he accidentally kills the mother bird with a slingshot. The last scene is on their front porch with Opie reluctantly opening the cage door to let them go, then he's delighted they can actually fly, then despondently says "Gee, Paw, the cage sure looks empty don't it?" Andy says "Yeah, Opie, it sure does." then he looks up above and says "but don't the trees look nice and full?"