Friday, June 18, 2010

Can you spare a dime? Or a hundred bucks?

Tis the summer.

Also known as The Expensive Summer with the Excessive Cash Outflow.

We just bought a new air conditioner for $96,227.

Now, The Girl is getting braces. That will set us back another $72,458.

Then there's money for church camp(S), and money for youth group stuff, and money for clothes for church camp(S) and youth group stuff, and money for This, That, and The Other.

And my brakes are squeaking.

Plus, my family is pretty spoiled and accustomed to electricity, cable television, internet and food. And those bills just keep merrily rolling along.

OK, that's all from me today.

I owe, I owe. It's off to work I go.

Peace out people. Have a super duper weekend. And hydrate. It's hot out there.

3 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

There's only one solution: put Cooper on the comedy circuit to make some moola.

Kearsie said...

I hear you, sister.

Chez Murphy will soon make it's trek across the great state of Kansas to Colorado and it ain't cheap.

Steve said...

I have found that it is much easier to live without food than without electricity. At least for our family.