Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cue the crickets

Jordan left early Saturday morning with the youth group to go to camp. (It's not "campy camp in the woods camp"; it's on a college campus in Arkansas. So there is no huge level of "roughing it" involved.)

Incoming messages from her have been scarce to none. That, my people, is a good thing. That means she is having a great time. That means there is no drama or homesickness or unhappiness.

The Captain got a Father's Day call on Sunday morning.

And I have seen the occasional, and sometimes cryptic, Tweet from her....

"I'm here!"

"We got a senior dorm!"

"I love my youth group!"

"Undies wants to know how to use an eyelash curler."

"Great devo tonight"

"Whoa! That was amazing!"

and my personal favorite...

"I'm in love"

(Which could mean anything from loving the milkshakes in the cafeteria, the shampoo she borrowed from her room mate, or some boy she has discovered at the campus bookstore.)

I did get one text that said a few people had thrown up. And one that said they were Skyping with Nick. And one that a friend had been baptized.

Other than that, we haven't heard much from her. And I'm ok with that.

Yesterday I sent up a flare...

"Hello. This is your mother. Just making sure you are still alive. I love you. Peace out. "

Soon, my phone buzzed...

"Love you too!"


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JuJu said...

Oh Angie, it is so in the water! I was talking with a friend of mine last night, and we were saying how our girls are just growing too quickly.
And, Moms don't seem to matter a whole heck of a lot at this stage!! (certainly not in the face of a milkshake, new shampoo, or a cute boy!)

robyn anne said...

thats so fun! good for you for embracing her minimal contact and seeing it as a good thing! that is so awsome! its the parents that hover that scare me!