Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer blah blah blah

Random summer thoughts on this lovely Thursday morning....

Cooper has been going to a camp at church this week. He informed me that tonight they will be having a "cook-out and bomb-fire". Be very afraid.

I don't watch many shows on TV. All I will usually watch is Law & Order and lots of Something-Ball Games. However, we have now started watching BONES. My sister's affection for the show rubbed off on my daughter who then turned me on to it.

Speaking of TV shows....Jordan wanted to watch a new summer series on ABC Family Tuesday night. The previews looked kind of interesting. Appealing to teens I guess. OK, we'll tune in and give it a chance. During the first twenty minutes of the show, we saw a girl smoking pot, two girls almost kissing, a married man having an affair, a high school student having a relationship with her teacher, and two girls shoplifting. Ummmmm, no thanks. Won't be watching THAT show at my house. There is no "Family" in ABC Family. Not my family anyway. The end. {steps off soap-box}

I love ice cream sandwiches.

My friend, Bingmama, is having some pretty major knee surgery today. Say a little prayer for her please. She will have to be compeltely off her feet for over a week. Hard for a mama to do that. She's been practicing using her crutches. I'm surprised she hasn't broken her good leg. Get well soon Bingmama. Although I'm sure you're not reading this today. If you are, I'm sure it's extra funny since you will be "under the influence".

I went for a walk this morning. The humidity level was hovering around 157%. I got my exercise and my sauna in at the same time.

Our new air conditioner is great and keeping us mucho coolio. But they are going to have to replace the motor or fan or fan in the motor or something like that, because it makes this humming noise. That's kind of loud. And sounds like a tornado siren. It's ok though. I'm not complaining. But every time the air kicks on, my kids run to the closet.

That's it for me today people! Be happy today people. And stay hydrated.

2 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

Oh, I do love an ice cream sandwich. I especially love the leftover chocolate bits on my fingers!

Steve said...

I completely agree about ABC "Family". A misnamed channel if there ever was one.