Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Guess it's two out of three

Four weeks until school starts.

Say it ain't so!

I'm in total denial about all that.

I like the lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer.

We've had all that.

Lazy. Crazy. Hazy.

Now the crazy cranks up and the lazy ratchets down.

And the hazy just hangs around no matter what's going on.


Jordan is full swing in daily volleyball practice.

And Cooper starts football next week. Practice three days a week.

Yes, he's playing football this year.

Tackle football. Tackle.

That's another story for another day.

Anyway, there's a lot of drop off, pick up, drop off, pick up.....

Let's see...what else do we have to cram into these last four weeks....

Jordan has oral surgery next week to get four teeth pulled followed by three appointments for braces. Erg.

Cooper needs to get a cavity filled. Mom guilt.

School supplies. School uniforms. That's another $57,209.

Hey Jordan - how's that summer reading coming?!

Oh blah.....

I just wanna' stick with the lazy.

And forget the crazy.

And the hazy.

Cause the high today is 296 degrees. And The Weatherman actually just used the word "scorcher".

Alrighty people. Wishing you lazy with no crazy.

Peace out.

P.S. Nick starts radiation and chemo today. Daily treatments for seven weeks. Hope you'll continue to pray for him. His CaringBridge page is right here.

1 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

Cooper and tackle football. He's gonna kill the competition.

Jordan and oral surgery. Bless her heart.

and, of course, praying for Nick and his family.