Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Miscellany

What did you do this weekend?

Friday night was our high school homecoming.

And, not to let anybody down, Connie and I showed up dressed just alike. We do that all the time. It's some wacky sister mojo thing we've got. We've been known to text each other prior to events, "What are you wearing?" But we didn't do that Friday. She looked very cute.

Three girls on the homecoming court had chosen football players for their escorts. The girls were just standing on the field by themselves waiting. When it became painfully obvious the coach was not going to let the boys out of the locker room in time to be on the field with the court, three young men, in their shorts and tshirts, ran out of the student bleachers to escort the girls. Sweet, sweet boys. All the mamas were bawling.

Speaking of bawling mamas, a player from the visiting team got hurt and was down for quite a long time. Really a long time. Bad scene when his daddy and his mama left the stands and went down on the field with him. And they called an ambulance. Yeah, an ambulance in the middle of the football field is not really a vision I am comfortable with. But according to Facebook, which we all know is the the official social source of truth and knowledge, he only suffered a concussion and will be ok. His FB page said something about it being "another" concussion, so that will probably be the end of #1's football season. It also made me glad that Cooper is not too keen on football right now. I was ready to throw in the helmet towel right then and there.

That same night, Jordan had a volleyball team sleepover. The gals headed out to roll their manager's yard. However, somebody tipped him off and he, along with his entire family and the girls' coaches, were hiding and attacked them with shaving cream and silly string. I am still laughing my head off about this.

Saturday afternoon, Cooper had a football game. He managed not to get clobbered. Which was apparently his main goal.

The rest of the weekend was spent hauling Jordan all over town trying to get the pieces and resources for her French project. It may or may not have involved cheese and pipe cleaners.

This week features volleyball games on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, a tournament Friday night, and a tournament all day Saturday. Oh, and practice Wednesday. Don't forget to squeeze in two nights of football practice too. And all that pesky homework.

Jordan gets her top braces today. Yippee.

That about sums it up for me. If you need me, I'll be in the bleachers....

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JuJu said...

Oh, there's nothing scarier than that big football player looking so small lying on the field. I hope he will be okay.

And, kudos to the boys who hopped up and escorted the girls. I hope the girls were appreciative and kind.

Steve said...

Sounds like you need one or two more things to do this week.

Didn't ever see you at the football game Friday night. My loss, I'm sure.