Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Not guilty.

Jury duty. Over.

Boring case. But interesting experience. Especially the deliberating part.

Our self-appointed foreman was a piece of work. And I knew we were in trouble when she said the only TV channel she ever watches is Court TV. And then later tried to sneak out with all the evidence. Seriously. Was taking it home.

And y'all, it wasn't anything exciting. It was a car wreck case. The only evidence was a picture of a wrecked truck and a copy of some medical records.

It was interesting how a group of total strangers worked through the decision. However, ol' Juror #5 was quite the hangup and for an HOUR prevented us from making a unanimous decision. (Or "ananamous" as the Court TV Obsessed Foreman called it. She kind of let me down when she said that.)

But, once we figured out that #5 didn't drive then we realized that was the reason she wasn't understanding the issue. So we turned it into something related to walking down the street and wanting a biscuit. Don't ask. It worked. Not guilty. Ananamous decision. The end. We were thanked for our service and dismissed.

So, that brings us to today.

Cooper is still in school. That's a big blah. I've kind of shut down on his last two weeks of school. To the point that I missed a deadline of a project he had due on Monday. And that's so not like me.

At this moment, I guess Jordan is somewhere between Memphis and Virginia. They are going to Monticello today. Then driving on in to D.C. She FINALLY got excited about the trip and the "real" Jordan showed back up yesterday. Thank goodness. She's still working through some stuff, but I think she's moved past eating raw cookie dough....

Alrighty, y'all have a nice day. Play nice.

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JuJu said...

The thought of seeing Abe Lincoln has that effect on young women.

Court TV + Jury Foreman = Bad News for Angie.