Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Broken leg

Cooper says out of the blue last night, "How much does a coffee table cost?"

"Ummmm, why would you say that?"

I had been in and out of the den but then noticed he had propped the Wii balance board and a stool in front of The Coffee Table.

Now, The Coffee Table has already been moved to accommodate the Man Cave - also known as two dining room chairs, a card table and some sheets. The Man Cave is right in the middle of my den. The Man Cave may warrant an entire blog post to itself. It features three rooms and a chimney-style mail slot. Quite impressive, actually.

Anyway, back to The Coffee Table. In an effort to still walk through my house in a relatively unobstructed fashion, I moved the coffee table.

And, after a closer look, I found this:

Yeah, it's not a party until your kid breaks the leg off the coffee table.

Now, lest ye think that The Coffee Table is some fancy, nice, very expensive piece of furniture, let me reassure you that is the farthest thing from the truth.

This table is probably 22 or 23 years old. Connie & I bought it when we first moved into our little town house.

And, lest ye think that The Coffee Table has not incurred any other damage, let me reassure you that is also the farthest thing from the truth.

One of legs - and it might even be that one - may or may not have fallen victim to a fracture when it had a run in with an entire SWAT team. And don't think that was during some raid or anything. It was more along the lines of a social gathering that the Captain hosted once. A long, long time ago.

The table has seen its share of puppy gnawing, lego playing, homework doing, food eating, foot propping...Good times, people. Good times.

Cooper is upset that he broke The Coffee Table. Even though I have shown him all its war wounds. And told him that it's 23 years old. And probably only cost $50 when we bought it.

I'm hoping the Captain can fix it. Surely a little glue can get The Coffee Table back into action. A little Elmers should do the trick. Right?

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JuJu said...

Or duct tape? Or a bungee cord? Something will patch up that thing!!