Friday, June 24, 2011

Flashback and Flash Gordon

Well, whaddya''s Friday. {high five to Friday}

Last night I went to see the Captain graduate from a six-month leadership class he's been attending. I'm proud of the Captain {high five to the Captain}

At times I felt like an oompah loompah and just a total wall flower. The social mingling thing just isn't my thing anymore and at times I really feel awkward times a thousand. Cue that square peg feeling.

I ended up sitting with an ex-college boyfriend of mine who is now a colleague of the Captain. Awkward times a hundred. Actually, not really. He's the one who should feel awkward. Cause HE broke up with ME. Right after the Lionel Richie concert. In 1987. Or maybe it was 1988. I can't remember. I can remember that I wore this oversized yellow and blue sweater which I thought rocked at the time. But probably not so much. And hair. I embraced my big 80's hair.

Speaking of hair, I got a bad haircut last time and it's just kind of icky right now. And last night it looked even ickier than icky. Which added to my level of social uncomfortableness.

So, there I was talking to my ex-whatever singing Lionel Richie songs in my head. And trying to cut some chicken tenders and toasted ravioli with a flimsy plastic fork while hoping I didn't flip any food on the floor.

But all joking aside - well, I haven't really been joking - but all whatever aside, I'm proud of the Captain. I think he rocks. Especially when he walks around the house in that Flash Gordon underwear.

Just kidding.

Kind of.


Peace and love, people. Happy Friday.

*Editor's Note: When I told the Captain that he looked like a WWE wrestler in his Flash Gordon underpants, he informed me they were FLASH underpants, not FLASH GORDON underpants. Apparently those are two different characters. Regardless, I leave you with this post and plenty of mental images to choose from to get you through the upcoming weekend.

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