Saturday, September 10, 2011

da tweeter

checkin out da week on da tweeter

Yes, I agree. 6:30 on a Saturday morning is too early to be headed to a volleyball tournament.

Captain just arrived at vball tourny to tell me "the washer smells like it's on fire". That can't be good.

And we'll just buy a new washer between pool play and bracket play

Volleyball all day. Football all night. Life is good.

Dear Captain: I love you, but we are not going to watch the Finding Bigfoot marathon. #FOOTBALL #AreYouNuts

Cleaning granola out of my purse. Don't ask.

Four empty laundry baskets and an empty dishwasher. Yeah, baby.

Olleyvay allbay.

I got the insomnia. The Captain seems to have no problem sleeping right now since he's over there snoring like a sleestak.

73 and sunny? Yes, please.

Oh, and some Hall and Oates. Thanks.

Sometimes, it's just a whole bunch of "Good Grief."

I'm pretty sure I don't understand 4th grade science.

Confession: I hate the song "Hotel California"

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