Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I know it will come as a great shock to you when I tell you Jordan had a volleyball game last night. And this one was waaaaayyyy out there. Like four zip codes away. In Small Town.

Small Town as in everybody was waving at the Captain in his police car.

Small Town as in there was a guy shooting his bow in his front yard.

Small Town as in cows and pony pastures and country things like that.

Small Town as in Connie heard somebody at a store use the words "pork rinds" and "Maw" in the same sentence.

Now, y'all I've got nothing against Small Towns. One day, the Captain wants to live way out in Ruralville like that and have goats in the front yard and all that stuff.

Not me.

I must be within 15 minutes of a Super Target or I will surely die.

I don't do "country". Or Small Town.

Anyway, volleyball calls, so we drove alllllll the way out there. OK, it was only about 25 minutes. Even though it seemed like it was 3 hours.

Then we watched the games.

Then we drove alllllll the way home.

And when we got home I remembered that the Captain had picked me up at work so we could ride out to Small Town together and we forgot to go back by my office and get my car.


So while our dutiful studious kids were doing math sheets and studying for a French II exam, we drove back to my office to get my car.

And thennnnn, we got to Skype with the Captain's sister and BIL and the new BABY GIRL!!!

Kennedy Ryan H.
7 lb. 14 oz
Born at 12:23 pm

Everybody is sweet and little and tiny and precious. And the fact that we could do all that on the computer and see her in Houston, TX was just too much for me. So I cried.

And that sums up my lovely Tuesday night.

The end.

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Steve said...

Sounds like where I live. Actually, we have to drive about 10 miles to get to the nearest Small Town. Yeah, we all wave to each other, and we have cows and horses all around us. Even though it is a long, long way to Target, it's a pretty good life.