Thursday, September 8, 2011

Untitled blah blah blah

Today is apparently Thursday. The week has been all jacked up. Guess we'll have it wrapped up before we realize. Fine with me.

Tonight is a volleyball game. Of course it is.

And then some football. Yes.

That's kind of all I talk about this time of year ... volleyball and football.

Football and volleyball.

That's kind of all there is right now for us.

And this weekend is just football. And I also want to sleep for 297,569,134 hours.

My little bouts of insomnia have resurfaced again. And that's not anywhere near cool.

And, the Captain snores. He has lots of versions of his snoring which range from sounding like a small grizzly bear to a clogged up vacuum cleaner to a Sleestak.

Please, people, tell me you're old enough to remember the Sleestaks.

This post has been all over the place. Just like my week.

It happens.

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JuJu said...

Okay, I'm worried about you my friend. You seem a bit down in the dumps. I know you love college football, and volleyball, but something seems amiss?? Is it global warming? Friday Nights withdrawl? Did someone make you eat mushrooms???

Thinking of you!

Steve said...

I'm old enough to remember Sleestaks. But that doesn't mean I'm old, does it?