Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Debates and Goodbye (maybe)

I love having debates with the Captain. Nothing like a little intense fellowship with that guy. And our topics are all over the place.

Here are a few things the Captain and I have debated in the last few days:

> How many miles it is across the entire US

> How many miles it is from the earth to the moon

> The special role of the coffee filter basket and how important it is to treat it gently

> The proper way to eat M & Ms

> The appropriateness of giving doggies biscuits unconditionally

> What years did Shakespeare live

In other news, apparently an asteroid is hitting the earth this afternoon at 5:30. That's right in the middle of a big press conference I'm doing that may or may not include two NBA stars. And while those media folk are hard to figure out sometimes, I'm pretty sure an asteroid hitting the earth will garner more press than my youth sports facility announcement.

And, for the record, the Captain is nowhere concerned about the asteroid hitting the earth. When he left this morning, I kissed him goodbye and told him it's been fun being his wife, but an asteroid would be hitting the earth before we all arrived back home tonight so this was pretty much the end. Then he gave me that look. Yeah, the "I wish I had never asked you out the second time" look.

So, if the big ol' humongous asteroid blows the Earth up, I just want to say thanks for being faithful readers of my blog. I love you all. Have a good life.

But, if I survive the press conference and the Earth remains intact, then I'll see you tomorrow.

1 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

I was hoping the asteroid would hit my world (without really damaging things of course) as I needed some things to be taken care of.
Now, do tell, what IS the proper way to eat an M&M?