Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Like. Dislike.

Jordan wants a gecko for Christmas = dislike

The Captain likes to play Cooper's recorder = like

All he knows how to play is the theme song from Star Wars = dislike

Club volleyball season starts in two weeks = like

Club volleyball season starts in two weeks = dislike

Jordan's practices are scheduled for 7:30-9:45 pm = dislike

Her coach is great = like

It's going to be pouring rain this morning during my drive across town to school and then back across town to work = dislike

Tonight is the only night all week we will be home = like

I'm starting to get that feeling known as "the holidays are approaching and I have so much to do I may have a breakdown" = dislike

I'm determined not to have a breakdown = like

Next week is Thanksgiving = like

I won't be having my mom's dressing = dislike

I will be watching the Arkansas-LSU game with my LSU fan brother in law = like

Coffee = like

The end.

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