Monday, January 30, 2012

In summary...

The weekend.... in summary....

It was my birthday.
It was a good one.
I spent 15 hours of it at a volleyball tournament.
But Jordan didn't play.
Because of this....

It's only for two weeks.
Slight tear of the ligament in her thumb.
Yes, she did it playing volleyball.

Yes, it's her right hand.
Yes, she's right handed.
Yes, she asked me to help her shave her legs.
And cut her meat.

Cooper's Man Cave has made a reappearance.

I had a hot date with the Captain Friday night.
He may or may not have used my readers to check out the menu.

That's about the extent of my weekend.....

I could use one more day off.
To no avail....

2 Wanna' ramble too?:

Steve Burns said...

Isn't it interesting how as we get older our birthdays take a backseat to other things? Hope you had a good one, even if it was busy.

JuJu said...

Tell Jordan that I am digging on that green cast.

I hope your birthday was GRAND and that this year will be a very happy one for you!