Thursday, February 9, 2012


What's going on?

Cooper continues to beg for a trampoline.

Jordan continues to beg to get her ear cartilage pierced.



Double no.

Continuous no.

Mean mom. Ridiculous mom.

OK, whatever.

In other news, Jordan got her cast off yesterday. Hooray! He put her in a removable splint. Doctor said ligament damage is just harder and slower to heal. She can tape to play. Said it will hurt, but she will not hurt it. Practice tonight and a tourney this weekend so we'll see how it goes......

Let's see.... what else?

People can be rude, mean, and stupid.

I have chicken chili in my crock pot. Total yummers.

I'm reading the 3rd Hunger Games book. It's a great little series.

The University of Memphis is moving to the Big East. Go Tigers!

I knew JuJu would love yesterday's ABC thing. She did not disappoint when she said she was going to use it.

Super crazy busy at work. And the home life isn't really running at a slow pace either.

I am liking Scramble with Friends more than Words with Friends these days. Never thought I'd say that.

That sums it up.

Have a great Thursday!

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JuJu said...

Rude people are the worst. Make them eat mushrooms!!

All I can see is Cooper jumping off the trampoline and into a tree. But, really, how better to train for a career in the ring?