Friday, February 10, 2012

Full Moon

How was your day, dear?

This is how yesterday played out for me.

I played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with nine other people in front of ninety people.

I found out my boss has been eating Milk Bone dog biscuits on a regular basis since he was a kid. Aren't there TV shows about stuff like that?

I got a text from Jordan that went something like this, "Ummm, don't freak out, but Cooper just ran away."

Yes, he ran away.

He was mad at my mother-in-law for not buying him some fake blood.

Yes, it was for wrestling.

They found him.

He didn't get far.

He left a note for Jordan that said, "I'm running away. I'm not treated fairly. Love you, Cooper."

Later when I asked him how he thought I felt when I heard he ran away, he said, "Sad, mad, and famished?" Bonus points for using a vocabulary word.

Connie was involved in a hit and run. SHE'S FINE.

I was on the phone with her when it happened. A little damage to her car. But apparently nothing like the damage that the other guy had. There was a witness who tole her the other guy's mirror was ripped off and his car all messed up. Serves him right. Jerk. As a good junior deputy, she got his tag. He'll be sorry about all that. You can't just ram a car and drive off. Even if it is a green mini van.

The Captain went to wait with her while the appropriate officers made the scene.

Told Cooper he had to go with me to take Jordan to volleyball.

Fit. Pitch.

Told him to grab a bowl of soup before we go.

Another fit pitched because I was making him eat "YUCKY" soup.


Reminded Cooper he had a science test to study for.

Was informed that he didn't care and school is stupid.

Tried to pitch another fit.


He had a major case of the can't help its yesterday.

Took Jordan to practice and watched her try to push through the pain in her thumb.

After talking with the coach, I ran up to the store and got a brace that she could play in. While I was waiting in the check out line, I was pretty sure the guy in front of me had a gun in his pocket and was about to rob the place.

It wasn't a gun.

He didn't rob the place.

He just bought some cigarettes.


Original plans for last night were to pack for this weekend's volleyball tourney, do laundry, change sheets and all that stuff.

Jordan asked me to stay with her at practice.

So I did.

Then on the way home, I tried to help her sort through rollercoaster emotions. I clearly didn't so a very good job with that. Sigh....

And then our route home was blocked off by 343741209 police cars.

So we took a longer route home.

And I got home at 10:30 and found the Captain had left the pot of delicious soup out for us to eat. But we weren't hungry for delicious soup at 10:30. So I had to wash the pot of delicious soup at 10:30.

Final: Thursday 27 Angie 0

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Steve Burns said...

Wow. What a day. I went to Laura's Open House and program. But instead of going to her room with the big mob of people after the program (I had already seen the room in great detail - one of the perks of being the teacher's husband), I just helped put up chairs instead. That sounds like a day at Disneyland compared to your day.

JuJu said...

Seriously, how did you not burst into tears after a day like that?

I told my friend yesterday that this full moon was making everyone wacky. My day was nuts, but nothing like yours.

In your honor, I will drink an extra glass of wine tonight. You know, I'm just that nice and all.