Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Sunday morning as we were scrambling out the door headed to church, we discovered I had not one, but TWO flat tires on my car.

Seriously, how could I have two flat tires?

I was quite puzzled by this. The Captain? Not so much.

"You just ran over something."

Ran over something?

I questioned him: "Certainly I would remember running over something big enough to cause TWO flat tires??!??!!"

He gave me that 'apparently not' look....

"I think somebody let the air out of my tires!!"

"While it was parked in the garage all night long?"


He has some sort of "I can fix a flat without taking it to the gas station" kit, so he whipped it out and fixed both of my tires.

He's handy like that.

If you need me today, I'll be at a business expo all. day. long. passing out propaganda and post it notes. Excuse me while I try to contain my joy.

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