Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Yeah, so I'm off work again today, too.

Excellent decision.

Ten random things from the weekend.

1.  I went to play golf on Friday with the Captain and Cooper.  And by "play golf'", I mean drive the cart.

2.  I want my own golf cart.

3.  We went to the new international farmers market twice over the weekend.  Lots of yummy things there.  We also said "What's this?" a lot. Seriously, some veggies I've never even heard of. 

4.  We decided to try something new every time we go there.    Red bean ice cream was one of our first trials.  I like red beans.  I like ice cream.  I do not like those things together.

5.  Have been reading, reading, reading.  Love.

6.  Watched lots of college baseball this weekend.  Hooray for JuJu's brother whose Missouri Tigers won their conference championship.  Yay! The Memphis Tigers didn't fare so well.  Boo.

7.   Cooper is obsessed wtih burning sticks in my bug candle.  Is this fire obsession normal for nine year old boys or do I have a pyromaniac on my hands?

8.   Cooper and I went to watch the Memorial Day parade at my mom's place yesterday.  We ended up IN the parade.   Another ride in a golf cart.   Coop thought he was Mr. VIP and totally loved it.

9.   National spelling bee is this week. L-O-V-E

10.   Nothing else to add.  So this is just filler.

I'm off to enjoy another full day of nothing.

2 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

Did you see that there is a SIX year old girl in the spelling bee? She puts a lot of adults to shame!

You MUST get a golf cart. Just think of how many more parades you can be in??!!!

(thanks for the Tim shout out!)

Colleen said...

We have an Asian Market here...I love to just walk around and look! I have no idea what most of the veggies are and I had never seen a black chicken before either!