Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We had a ball.

Oh my goodness.  Five days off has made me a complete sloth.  Sloth. 

It's also made me realize I'm allergic to reality.  Ahhhchoooo.

Back to work today.  Blah.  Guess that means clothes and make up and no wild clippy hair.  And shoes.  Oh, the travesty.

We went to the Redbirds game last night.  Always a good time.   We were able to move way down front.  Like Row Three.  Right on top of the visitor dug out.   And Cooper went down there and waved his hands around and their catcher tossed him a ball when they came off the field.


He was thrilled.

No, my son doesn't have purple fingernails. That's Jordan holding the ball. 

And, if you look close, you'll see evidence of her tie-dying activities.

Also, if you look close, you'll see evidence this morning of big dark puffy circles under my eyes since we didn't leave the ball park until about 10:30.  Which got me home waaayyyyy past my bedtime.

OK, people.  More coffee for me right now. Stay cool today. 

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