Monday, July 16, 2012

You wouldn't believe it if I told you...

Saturday night.
Went to a wrestling event.
Yes, I'm serious.
It wasn't the big, flashy WWE wrestling events.
Yes, I've been to those.
Yes, I'm serious.
This was kind of a "minor league" wrestling event.
It was basic. Kind of edgy. A little rough.
But Coop knew who the wrestlers were and was so excited.
It was wrestling.
Which we all knows he loves.
I scored some free tickets.
Free tickets are always the best tickets.
And off we went.
It was outside.
At the downtown baseball park.
We were allllllmost there.
And the Captain got a call.
They had a "situation" and he had to go in to work.
I made him drop us off.
At the downtown baseball park.
For the basic, edgy, rough wrestling event.
I figured we'd worry about getting a ride home later.
Maybe we'd take a cab.
Jordan flipped out at the thought of that.
Flipped.  Out.
Like it was gonna' be some sort of "Kill Cab" or something.
Death by cabbie.
So we just got settled in and watched the wrestling.
It was  ... interesting.
I was the only one wearing linen pants.
I was one of the only ones who had all my teeth.
I kid.
Kind of.
My favorite part of the night was when a guy in the audience gave a wrestler his prosthetic leg.
And the wrestler pretended to beat the other guy with it.
Yes, I'm serious.
A leg.
Anyway, the Captain finally made it.
I was thankful he was safe after the "situation."
I was thankful he made it to the wrestling event to be with us.
I was thankful he changed out of his seersucker shorts.
No doubt he would have been strung up.
Cooper had a ball.
And that's what counts.
That, and I'm glad the tickets were free.

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JuJu said...

And thank goodness the young lady didn't have to ride home in the Killer Cab.

Oh, and you wore linen. I bet they thought you were some high falootin' kind of gal.