Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Brett. Crock. Crazy.

Sorry I didn't post yesterday.

First of all, I was recovering from spending fifteen of my waking hours at the volleyball tournament.

And, hanging out with Brett Favre.

And by hanging out, I mean sitting in the same 150,000 square foot convention center as him and being very interested in the match he was watching.  He was there watching his daughter.   He's tall.  I don't think he had on Wranglers.  And, I will reassure you that he is aging very nicely. 

Yesteray, I was also busy turning another year older.

Can't believe I'm finally 40.


I'm super excited about my gift from the Captain and the kids.


Most women would smack their husbands in the face and walk out if they got a crock pot for their birthday, but I clapped my hands with glee and wiped tears of joy from my eyes.

It's a super duper crock pot.  The Cadillac of all crock pots.

I'm really excited about it. 

We spent the evening last night at Coop's basketball game. It was a loss for the Lions.  Coop had a good game with four steals. I was proud of him.  I was also proud of myself for not smacking any of the opposing team's parents who were beyond obnoxious.  But, I figured it would ruin my birthday if I started slugging these rude folks.   Especially the dad who was losing his ever loving mind over a missed double dribble call - when his son's team was up by 20 points with :15 second left.  Simmer down, Mister. 

That sums it up.

Good times.

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JuJu said...

Happy Happy Happiest of Birthdays! What will be the first dish you make in the crock pot?