Friday, February 15, 2013

All hail the glue gun.

Last night was filled with that infamous crafty school project known as the "Diorama Book Report."

I figure a project that requires a shoe box requires my going shopping for shoes.

But, too bad, Coop found a suitable box.

Construction paper, Lego people, plastic bushes, brown sugar (aka dirt) and the ol' reliable glue gun came together fairly well to make the project.  Seriously, my life would be incomplete without my glue gun.  I've had him for probably 20+ years.  He's a good friend.  And has bailed me out of numerous challeges.

It was tense because we still needed to study Bible, color a geography map of Minnesota, and write two paragraphs about the life of Muhammad Ali.  Ah, the homework life of a fifth grader.   At least we didn't have any math.  That would have totally put me over the edge. 

I was already a little emotionally unstable since just hours before I had a fish funeral for my favorite fish.  Lucy.  RIP Lucy Ricardo, the red molly.   *sniff*

So, while all the homework got done, the laundry didn't.  Trying to get that rolling this moring, since we are headed to a volleyball tournament this afternoon and I'd really rather us all not root through dirty clothes baskets as we pack.

Happy weekend, people!  See you on the flip side.

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