Friday, July 31, 2009

More Stash

Remember when I said I found a bar of soap in the desk drawer in Cooper's room?

Check out what I found in the cup holder of his booster seat....



What is going on here?

And please don't think that the kid is obsessed with being clean or taking a bath. Cause that is nowhere in the vicinity of Truthdom.

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Dining Table Teacher said...

We took every Mickey soap we could while at Disneyworld! The housekeeper was awesome about giving us extra. She also gave us about 8 towels animals. They're still up in my kids' bedrooms.'s a good thing.

w said...

soap helps with constipation. well. i don't really know that for sure. but it sounds good.

tonya said...

Obviously by his "stash", you must be a sister-soap-stealer. I take ALL the bathroom "condiments" LOL

Maybe he is using them for air fresheners?

Jessica said...

just saw you were from knoxville.
had to say hi. i'm from straw plains.

my oldest son had a soap fetish as well. just quit it a few months ago, but he would carry them in his pocket all the time. my hubby said he did the same thing when he was a little boy!

how funny!

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Too funny! You find much "cleaner" things than I do in their hiding places! :-)