Monday, January 9, 2012


Me? I'm wrapping up one of the laziest bestest weekends ever. What about you?

I read and slept and watched football and just laid around like a champ.

Yes, I finished book two of the Hunger Games. Read almost the whole book in a day. Have already started book three.

I watched a big Cotton Bowl win by my Hogs on Friday night. See also: Wooo Pig.

And, I attempted to fight off The Plague that the Captain had last week. I don't want that sickness.

Tonight is the last college football game of the season. I can hardly write that without bawling my eyes out. I'm kind of for nobody really. I don't care who wins. I'll be for both of them. When I told the Captain my game strategy, he called me Cooper. Cooper is always for whoever is winning.

Anyway, it was really a great weekend.

But, right now, all I need is coffee. And lots of it.

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JuJu said...

Oh those lazy weekends are the absolute best!

I will think of you as your mourning begins after the game tonight. Just think, only eight more months!