Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Well, let's see...let's recap what's been going on. Because I know you've all been sitting at your computer hitting refresh over and over waiting on an update from me.

I did put some fall decorations out and I bought some mum things.

I've got 15 paint chips taped to my front door while I try to decide on a color.

The Hogs didn't win.  So, I'm running way to join the circus.  It's tough being a Hog fan these days.  A stranger came up and hugged me at the store the other day because I was wearing my shirt.  "Poor thing... you still wearing that shirt?"

I did not wear flip flops to the game Friday night. I also did not get cold.  I'm sure people still looked at me funny.  Cause, well, they tend to do that.

We bought two replacement fish.  One of them has already gone to Fish Heaven.  We don't do so well with the ol' tank transition. 

Currently residing in Fish Center:  Lucy Ricardo, The Yellow Fish, Kane the 2nd, and Rainbow Fish.  They seem to be happy and well adjusted.   For now.

If we can get through this week of quarter exams, volleyball games and busy work stuff, then we'll be doing well.  And next week is fall break.  Featuring volleyball games and a busy work stuff.  No beach getaway for me.  Oh well...

Happy Tuesday. 

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Steve Burns said...

You know, it didn't feel nearly as cold to me at that football game Friday night as I thought it might. Not that I am complaining. But you didn't get any funny looks from me.

JuJu said...

I am so sorry about the fish. Have you asked the pet story if they have any advice to offer?

Your Hogs will come back. I just know it! Hang in there SuperFan.