Friday, August 7, 2009

Take Five

Five Things You Might Hear Me Say 382,294 times a day

Let me get this straight.
I typically say this right before I am about to hop on my soapbox and rant about something that I don't agree with, something that I think is complete lunacy, or something I just cannot believe. Hypothetically, if I were to send an editorial to our local paper, I would begin it with this lovely phrase. (If I *were* to send a letter to the editor that is...Hypothetically of course....) This phrase is usually nicely coupled with "So what you're saying is....".

e.g. Let me get this straight, you think Target doesn't provide adequate retail therapy?! So what you're saying is, you think Target is not the answer to all problems?

Just sayin'.
This little phrase is almost like a period for some of my sentences. I always say this at the END of something that I have a pretty strong feeling about or to just further prove my point. Like I'm still kind of talking about something even though I should be kind of finished talking about something. But I have to put that last little phrase there. Almost like I'm underlining what I just said.

e.g. Target is the greatest store ever. Just sayin'.

Oh the versatility of this word. It can been used as a question AND a statement. I do feel that it is much more powerful as a statement. When it is a statement, it's almost like a threat. This little multi-purpose word can also stand alone. I think this is my favorite word right now.

e.g. (question) It's going to be 95 degrees today? Seriously?!
e.g. (statement) Target is the greatest store ever. Seriously.
e.g. (statement or threat) Pick up that wet towel right now. Seriously.
e.g. (stand alone) Seriously.

Did you brush your teeth?
Um, yeah, I say this to Cooper every single morning and every single night. Jordan, not so much anymore. But it's a never ending battle with the 7 year old boy. He will swear that he brushed his teeth. That's funny....the sink is dry and I can't even FIND his toothbrush. He also thinks if he just sticks a wet toothbrush in his mouth that he has adequately brushed. Sorry kid. Gotta' use the toothpaste. And the brush must actually TOUCH your teeth. Yes, that's why they call it a tooth-brush. Action is required.*sigh*. No example really needed for this one, but here it is anyway:

e.g. Did you brush your teeth?

What does Gauge have in his mouth?
Sweet mercy people. This is a constant little game he plays. The MAMGL blog has featured these canine antics many times. Here's a highlight. Again, this phrase kind of speaks for itself and requires no back up example. But I believe in consistency, so here is the example:

e.g. What does Gauge have in his mouth?

So people, I hope you have a good day. Seriously. Just sayin'.

4 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

Great post! I really enjoyed this. Seriously.

angie128 said...

JuJu - You crack me up. Just sayin'.

w said...


seriously. that's just all i'm sayin'.

i need to brush my teeth now. i have no idea what's in my mouth. just wanted to get that straight.


i say "michael vartan" about 382,294 times a day.

connie said...

So let me get this straight...what you are saying is, you tell Cooper to brush his teeth AND you ask what Gauge has in his mouth upwards of 5 million times a day...seriously???
I'm glad we cleared that up...just sayin'

I say a lot of "you gotta be kidding me...." 's...seriously.