Friday, October 29, 2010

Five hours of my life

A detailed log of my activities from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Thursday, October 28. Like you care. But oh well.

3:00 Leave work
3:25 Pick up Jordan from school
3:31 Take a look at her cranker expander thing that has fallen completely out of her mouth
3:35 Realize I need gas
3:45 Meet Captain at orthodontist and drop Jordan off
3:55 Get gas
4:05 Pick up Cooper from Mom's
4:10 Realize he doesn't have pads for his football pants
4:18 Get call from Jordan telling me orthodontist took cranker expander thing out (Yea!) and put in thicker wire instead (Boo!)
4:20 Go home to get football pads
4:25 Head BACK to school
4:28 Put football pads in pants at every red light
4:30 Confirm that I hate putting those pads in the pants
4:40 Hear a train whistle
4:41 Start to cry that I will be stuck at this train and be late
4:42 Miss the train
4:43 Say YES! out loud
4:52 Arrive at school
4:53 Weep tears of joy and amazement that I made it before 5:00 pm
4:54 Wake Cooper up since he fell asleep in the car
4:55 Tie cleats, tighten pads, snap helmet
5:00 Go get some milk and lunch box staples since marshmallow and Ritz crackers do not a lunch make. Also get some motrin since Jordan's mouth is going to be real sore from the new tight wire
5:34 Arrive back at football practice
5:45 Realize I'm going to freeze to death
5:50 Start freezing to death
6:00 Put my flip flop clad feet (STUPID) in the bag that holds my sport chair.
6:20 Lose all feeling in my feet
7:08 Get excited when the coach starts that group clapping thing which signals the end of practice
7:09 Say I LOVE TO HEAR THE CLAPPING! out loud
7:16 Wonder how long the coach can continue to talk about giving 110% at the game on Saturday
7:18 Leave school
7:20 Turn on heater full blast
7:21 Determine that is a bit selfish since Cooper is sweating.
7:23 Find moderate temperature
7:25 Realize it's hard to drive with frost bitten feet
8:00 Arrive home

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