Monday, January 24, 2011


This weekend I...

...drove 700 miles round trip in 48 hours

...and slept on a hotel room pull out sofa bed

...two nights in a row

...with my sister

...and then spent two days watching volleyball

...including Jordan's team not winning a single match

...and watching Jordan go down on her ankle

...during warm-ups

...and not even playing part of the tournament

...(elevate, ice, anti-inflam, elevate, ice, anti-inflam)

...but then we got to celebrate Niece M's overall win for her age division -- WOO WOO!! {HIGH FIVE}

...and, all in all, we had fun

...and I survived my first club ball tournament

...I guess

...and I'm learning the whole club ball thing the hard way a baptism by fire kind of way

But it's all good. So today, I guess I'll go to work. And get Jordan's ankle checked out. And hope I have enough food in the house to fix Cooper's lunchbox and some sort of dinner tonight.

If you need me, I'll be the one over here sporting big ol' bags under my eyes. Trying to figure out how to hook up a coffee pot into an IV.

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Cameron and Rachel said...

I saw that on Jordan's FB status and hated that for her. Hope she's good as new soon!!