Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A little knock knock and then let's go.

Today is the big day. It's the Fourth Grade Talent Show.

Cooper will be doing knock knock jokes. And will be getting a pie in the face. They have a door and everything. This is a first class production, this fourth grade talent show. After he totally annoys his partner with knock knock jokes, his friend gives HIM a little knock knock....

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Piefer who?
Piefer YOU!

At dinner last night he prayed that "the talent show will go OK and that there will be no mishaps with Matthew's magic trick." What on earth is this Matthew kid doing? Sawing the teacher in half?? I'm a little nervous about that.

Tomorrow begins the Great Texas Thanksgiving Adventure. I'm soooo excited about seeing the Captain's sisters. And to meet the newest member of our family, little baby Kennedy.

I got a text from my LSU crazed brother-in-law saying he now has to work on Friday and won't be watching the game with me. I'm not sure if he's telling the truth or if he's just skeeeeeered about facing the mighty Hogs. See also: Wooo Pig.

We're headed out tomorrow morning with the Captain's grandmother and his aunt. There may or may not be a catheter and a wheelchair involved. No comment on this.

And I found out yesterday that the interstate is down to one lane for half our journey and then closed due to flooding for the other half of our journey. So it looks like we will be heading to Texas via St. Louis....

I told the Captain last night I could tell there would be adventure on this trip. I can just feel it in my bones. Except for my toe. I can only feel pain in my toe because I rammed it on a door frame Sunday night and it's swollen and purple and broken and hurts like *(#&(@*&#. But, in the holiday spirit, it looks very much like sugar plum. So I've got that going for me.

The Captain's chef sister will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner for us. Remember when we went to her graduation from culinary academy? I hope during this Texas trip we can have a nice relaxing visit, with delicious food, sans puke.

I only have about 27,194 things to do before we head out in the morning. But then it's all good. And we'll be on the road. For the Great Texas Thanksgiving Adventure.

I'll let you know how the talent show goes. And if there are any mishaps with Matthew and his ... ummmm.... magic feats.

Peace and love.

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JuJu said...

I hope the talent show was a huge success! I am hoping for photos of a pie encrusted face??!!

Happy Thanksgiving dear Angie. I hope your trip to Texas is a very happy one.